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With vehicle crime on the rise everyday, we think it is very important to stay up to date with the security on your vehicle.
Many manufactures provide their vehicles with very poor security systems, making it very easy for thieves to break in and take your vehicle. Even brand new vans to this day, come out of the factory with no manufactures alarm!  
We at Dk Automotive make it our priority to help and provide the customer with the best security upgrade to match their budget.
Here are a few of the Systems we provide:

Clifford Alarm Systems

When your manufactures alarm is non existent or very poor, Clifford have an upgrade system for you.
We install the full range of Clifford alarms. Our most popular alarm is the 330x canbus alarm, which works alongside your oem alarm if there is one, and works fully from your existing remote keyfob. It will monitor all doors including sliding doors and the bonnet for unexpected opening, ultrasonic interior sensors for movement within the vehicle, shock and tilt sensors for if the vehicle is tried to be moved or jacked up, it comes with a battery backed up siren and an interior led warning light.
These systems can be installed on any Canbus type vehicle, and are very common for vans when tools are kept in over night.

Tracker Systems

We are a registered installer for Smartrack Global Positioning Systems, which is a vehicle monitoring service.
Their trackers can be installed on Cars, Vans, Bikes, Motorhomes, Boats, Plant etc.
There are a few different categories Cat 5/6/7, which offer different types of protection and features. Fleet tracking which includes logged mileage and speed, remote immobilisation for cat 5, and 24/7 monitoring.
All of the Smartrack Trackers can be tracked via the mobile apps.

Ghost Immobiliser II

Know of someone, or have heard about vehicles being stolen by key cloning?
The Ghost Immobiliser is the perfect solution to protect your vehicle from key cloning and key theft. 
It works by adding a secret button sequence to the vehicle which will stop the vehicles engine from starting if not entered. If a thief gets into your vehicle and realises they cant start the engine, they leave, quickly, before being caught.
The Ghost is available on most vehicles from 2004 onwards. Give us a call to find out if its available for yours.

Van Security Locks

Tool theft from vans is an ever increasing crime at the moment and the thieves get in so easily, sometimes without leaving any indication that they've been in your vehicle!
Slam Locks, Dead Locks, Hook Locks, Looms Guards, Rep Locks.
These are additional locks which make it 10x harder for a thief to get in your van. It stops the doors from being prized open and forced open. If a thief see's your van has these additional locks on, they wont bother trying.
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